Rabu, 09 April 2008


The Meaning of Si Gale-Gale :

The meaning of Si Gale-Gale a wooden doll which is made by chiseled man. The chiseled man made the wooden doll just to remind si Gale-Gale.

The king of the famous Batak Toba had one son and his name is si Gale. He is very kind to Si Gale, but one day, Si Gale died, and the king felt sorrow on the death of his son. In order to remind his son, the chiseled man made a wooden doll that the face should be similar with si Gale.

When the wooden doll finished, the king was very happy because the doll can remind him to Si Gale, and he always kept the doll. The king wanted to see the doll can dance like si Gale. He ordered someone to make the doll can dance. In order the doll can dance the man made the double strings and the drum till the doll can dance perfectly.

The king always sees the doll when he missed him. He tried to make the doll dance. Many people watch the doll dance. The people of environment saw the doll danced like Si Gale suffocately, till the people name the wooden doll is Si Gale-Gale, and from there Si Gale-Gale has become popular as one of the tourist objects in Toba Lake North Sumatera.And many tourists who come from the world just to see si Gale-Gale dance.